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Innovative Fundraising for Bigger Profits

With Our Cutting-Edge App, We’ve Reinvented Local Fundraising to Rid the Stress...Ramp Up the Fun…and Boost Your Profits!

Here’s What FUSE Will Do For You

Thinking about starting a fundraiser? If you’re a principal, program director, foundation, board member, parent, or non-profit decision-maker and ever wondered where to find a fundraiser that:

Then discover today’s most innovative fundraising opportunity for non-profits.

With our one-of-a-kind virtual App, see how easy it is to empower your organization toward stress-free, highly-profitable fundraising.

When you partner with FUSE, we will:

Customize a fundraiser to fit your goals.

We consult with you one-on-one to understand your fundraising goals. Then, we design an individualized plan and show you step-by-step how to work it. That way, you’ll know ahead of time exactly how much your profit margins will be.

Give you more of the profits!

By using a sliding scale, we can determine the perfect fundraiser for your organization based on your specific financial goals. Best part is, we can beat any deal… ensuring you keep more of the profits than with any other fundraiser!

Make sign-up fast and easy

Registration is a breeze, with no start-up costs, no money down, and no delivery fees. Plus, you request certain businesses or retailers you’d like to support your fundraiser…and we do the hard work of signing them up for you!

Keep kids safe!

Our App is an intuitive design allowing youth to take responsibility for fundraising in their organizations. With our virtual App, they learn step-by-step how to set goals, communicate, and sell…with minimal guidance from parents and other adults.

Limit competition.

Once you sign up with FUSE, we deny any other organization from using our fundraising App in your county. That means, we market exclusively for you to maximize your fundraising success in your own community.

Save consumers money.

Through local fundraisers, participating members and consumers can access steep discounts on products and services they already buy all year long. This means your community is eager to participate, so you raise money fast!

More Features

FUSE Fundraising is a Win-Win-Win!

We believe in long-term relationships. That’s why we actively market for your organization throughout the year…to build strong relationships between your members, consumers, and local businesses.

Plus, it’s our way to guarantee you a stress-free and highly-profitable fundraising experience…one where everybody wins.

Kind Words From Our Customers...

Fuse Fundraising did an astounding job! We wholeheartedly recommend them to every school needing to build a huge profit… The FUSE CREW (whoop whoop!) is full of highenergy and got the kids amped up to raise money (we were also blessed with the amazing incentives you provided, it WORKED!). We appreciated your teams enthusiasm about our school and were so happy with result from the fundraiser. Can’t wait to to see the boys in their new basketball uniforms and equipment! Go Ravens!!!!!

Kandace Eaton

I always appreciated doing business with Luke and the Fuse crew. So helpful and polite and quick to answer any questions I had during our fundraiser. We absolutely loved that they provide incentives to the students. We sold 1500 discount cards in 2 weeks and profited $18,000 dollars!! I couldn’t believe this success of this program!!

Amy Zeigler

It was FAST, FUN and EASY! Fuse helped us with our “time crunch” fundraiser. The highest profitable fundraiser we have done!

David Arroyo

As parent, this fundraiser program was super safe for my kids. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks!

Paul Hamels

Loved the opportunity to participate with the local high school fundraiser. The push­notification option brought me tons of extra business on slow nights. We can’t wait for next years fundraiser!

Larry Murawski

For years we have done the original discount card fundraiser. This app is a game changer! Usually, after the first few days I misplace or throw away my discount card BUT not with the awesome Fuse App! I have found myself continuously using it! What a cool new spin on fundraising!

Jessica Gilmore

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With over 21 years of sales and marketing experience, Fuse Fundraising has been dedicated to offering the most profitable fundraisers to community groups, schools and nonprofits throughout the United States. Fuse works nationwide developing, designing and promoting a customized virtual discount card program.

With Fuse our mission is simple... to provide organizations, just like yours, with the best fundraising product at the most competitive price available and help your group raise money quickly and easily, than any fundraiser before.

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